Moonstruck Ranch Alpacas

Moonstruck Ranch Alpacas
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Ruth McNitt
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For those who choose the “unbeaten path,” a pastoral life with alpacas is gratifying and often quite an adventure.  No plush office, regardless of how nice the view, can match being out in the pastures (well, except during the blizzards!).  Our days are spent wandering through the challenges and blessings of country living.  Of course, there is the off-farm employment…..but the alpacas are whispering in our hearts to return to the heavenly bliss of our country home.  One step into the barn and we are instantly transformed, truly being “home, where the heart is…”

In the beginning, I went to the elite farms who specialized in my preference, the rare black suris.  Natural dark fiber creates beautiful, warm winter clothing.  Lighter fleeces are often dyed into darker colors to be practical for winter wear, but I prefer natural fibers over dyed.  Suri fiber is smoother and more luxurious to the touch than huacaya – so hence, my preference for dark suris.

I chose my foundation herd from the sons and daughters of the nationally acclaimed blacks – from Park View, Jim Barker, Wilkins, etc.  I attended the top seminars across the country, from selection to caregiving to marketing to fiber to shows and beyond…all fascinating and exciting learning adventures.  Growing up in the country, this was like coming home – I dove in head first and never looked back.

Then there was the crushing blow of finding out those fancy elite farms were “culling” (their term for killing) most of the male crias born and many of the adult alpacas that were no longer “useful” to their operations.  This enlightenment came after the first few years of purposeful breeding and improving on my foundation herd.   So the reality is that I bought WAY-high and have kept all of my purchased herd and every one of their offspring.  My intention has always been to support the health and welfare of every alpaca I bred for.

I had to abandon the business plan of being a loving breeder, to protecting them from these killers, and have evolved into more of a respite for alpacas I must be very careful with in sharing with other farms.  I will not be part of the brutality of killing alpacas and stacking their meat in the freezer.  Being a vegetarian because of my love for animals, I will never be part of the business of killing them.

I always hope to meet nice folks like me who love animals and would never dream of harming them, so I can find them good homes before I become too old to care for them.  My alpacas are very high quality, and it’s sobering to think of how much the girls are forever hoping to have babies.  The last baby I bred for was SaraBella and Amare’s, and their little “Assisi” is so darling and gorgeous, I feel terrible that she will probably just be a pasture ornament if she spends her entire life here.

So if any of those NICE FOLKS I’m dreaming of are reading this and it’s exactly what you were looking for, send me an email and we can discuss sending some of our girls to you.  I really hope they will find a way to some good places where they can fulfill their dreams of having cria to care for at a kind, gentle farm with devoted caregivers.

  • Moonstruck Ranch Alpacas
  • Moonstruck Ranch Alpacas
  • Moonstruck Ranch Alpacas
  • Moonstruck Ranch Alpacas

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