Great Lakes Alpaca Association offers an innovative program in which we can help financially support our members’ events that promote interest in alpacas and their fiber and promote growth of the alpaca industry.

The GLAA Board of Directors offers the following sponsorship levels:

  1. Between $500 and $1,000 for an AOA, ALSA or International show event held at a neutral location (non-private farm) and is open to all GLAA members.
  2. $200 for any educational type event held at a neutral location (non-private farm) where at least 5 GLAA farms are significant participants.
  3. $100 for any event held at a private location where at least 5 GLAA farms are significant participants.
  4. Any other events the board approves through a board action.

GLAA Criteria for Sponsorship

  1. The GLAA booth must be present including membership lists and GLAA membership applications.  GLAA will assume costs for shipping and insurance.
  2. The GLAA logo shall be used wherever possible.
  3. A written request for funds must be received (via mail or email) by the GLAA Board of Directors four (4) weeks prior to the event date.
  4. The event must be for an educational and/or marketing purpose.
  5. The event must be open to the public.
  6. A brief post-event report is required to be submitted by mail or email within 60 days of event completion.  Please include a short follow-up article to be printed in the GLAA newsletter if you wish.

Apply for a GLAA Sponsorship Grant