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Our start with alpacas was after seeing an ad in Midwest Living magazine.

We purchased our first huacaya alpacas in 2006 after a few farm visits and attending alpaca shows. We purchased more alpacas, added suri alpacas. At one time we were up to 44 alpacas. We shear them yearly, sending their fleece to a co-op to make into socks, gloves, scarves and other items "Made in the USA". We do sell these at craft shows that we attend.

We also sell from our house, year round.

We did breed in 2021 which presented us on September 30, 2022 with a female cria. This was mom's first cria, labor was not progressing so a vet was called. It was a difficult delivery with most of the fleece on her head gone from the trauma of trying to get her out of the birth canal. The dad, Tobias, paced back and forth along the fence line waited for his daughter to be born.

The cria, Tabitha, was weak, though cushed, not strong enough to stand for any length of time. The next day we drove mom, Autumn Mist and Tabitha to the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Hospital where they stayed from Saturday until we brought them home on Wednesday. We cannot express how grateful we are to their specialized treatment. Tabitha is quite the fighter. She is still nursing, growing and just being cute. Her fleece on her head has grown back and she is spunky!

We do enjoy visitors, but do request a phone call, (715.676.3903), ahead of your visit.

Appreciate your interest.

Mike & Jan

  • Fountain Mist Alpacas, LLC.
  • Fountain Mist Alpacas, LLC.

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