2018 April Board Minutes

GLAA Conference Call April 23, 2018 – 6 p.m.
Attendance – Kevin Stoer, Jim Konyn, Leslie Herzog, Jan Clingman, Chris Rogers

Leslie thanked GLAA for the donation to the animal shelter in honor of her father who passed away.
Treasurer report – Jan sent the treasurer’s report. No questions.

Old Business:
1. seminar update?  Kevin asked if a room with 10 tables would work, 40-50 people fit comfortably.  Cheryl could set up fleece for each table and go round robin.  Lecture hall could be used for lunch.  Kevin will reserve both rooms.  Jim has the flyers for the show.  Will be put in each show bag, and a poster can go on the GLAA table at the show.
Show – Kevin will bring the display, Jim has the banner.  Chris has the racks for cards and flyers.  Display will be in the Ziegler Building lobby.  There were enough entries for the fleece show, and the spinoff.
2. WI farm Discovery Center update?  Kevin sent us all the information he gathered thus far. The Center is still working on details and costs. Grand opening is end of July. GLAA could be represented, how much should our donation be? Possibly $2000.  $2500 is a “Builder Level”.  Are we a 501.c3?  We are a Wisconsin non-profit Corp.  What would we get for the money?  Let’s continue the discussion at the next meeting.
3. Election – Kevin and Chris each received 30 votes. We will all retain our positions.

New Business:
1. AOA student design donation ($250) – Jan will check on the web site donation. Chris will check into how to specify which student/schools we want to support.
2. anything else – discussion ensued re the show this weekend and various aspects of it. AOA Rep will be there.

Meeting adjourned at 7:27 PM.
Notes respectfully submitted by Chris Rogers