2019 November Board Minutes

Present: Leslie Herzog, Chris Rogers, Kevin Stoer, Jan Clingman

Treasurers Report: $2009.88 in PayPal. CD $6000. Checking $10,572.

Seminar: January 25, 2020.  Shauna Brummet, Making Sense of EPDs.  Flyer is put together, add how to register (Jan will do, and take registrations). Need to get contract from Jim K for details of flights, rooms, etc (Leslie). Use the same hotel, reserve block of rooms (Kevin will do). Kevin’s niece is getting a room at UW Madison for the presentation.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided by GLAA, from Panera.  Mixed pastries, orange juice, coffee, tea for breakfast.  Leslie has the list, and will share it with Jan.  Boxed lunches work well, for clean-up, proportions, and selection.

West Bend show (moving to Madison, New Holland Center) – need ways to support GLAA.  Are officers and volunteers members, do they promote GLAA?  Chris will contact WISAFF and GMAF Board to ask about GLAA membership.

President’s position:  Interim position goes to Vice President until a president is found. What can we do if there isn’t a candidate for positions? Many organizations are struggling and face the same issues.  Need to reach out to members.  Possibly explore reaching out to other regionals and AOA for ideas.

Add phone numbers to the end of minutes, to contact each other with ideas.

Next meeting – Nov. 26, 2019 10 a.m..

Meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m..