2020 September Board Minutes

Attendance: Chris Rogers, Leslie Herzog, Kevin Stoer, Jan Clingman

January 30, 2021 seminar: discussion ensued re proceeding with preparations. Kevin suggested we cancel the in-person seminar. We agreed to cancel it. Should we do a virtual seminar? Zoom, other? Jan will send out a notice, letting people know about the cancellation and to watch for updates re the next year 2022. We will waive 2021 dues for 2020 active members. Motioned by Kevin, seconded by Jan. Passed unanimously. Discussion ensued re recruiting new members – table for next meeting.

2) Revisit the idea of a spin-off sponsored by GLAA Spinoff revisit – do we want to sponsor a GLAA spinoff. Table for next meeting.

3) President’s position – We do need a president. We should pick a board member. Discussion ensued, and Leslie humbly accepted the President position. Thank you, Leslie!! Jan will remain as Treasurer, Chris will remain as Secretary, and Kevin will remain as Member-At-Large.

4)Election update – Jan will send out the results. Both Jan and Leslie were re-elected, and no write-ins were made.

Next meeting – October 27, 2020

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM

Respectfully submitted by Christine Rogers, Secretary