2021 November GLAA Board Minutes

Present – Leslie Herzog, Chris Rogers, Kevin Stoer, Jan  Clingman

Alpaca Show publicity:  There is a noticeable lack of information about the spring 2022 show. Discussion ensued. Chris will check with Mark about it.

Treasurers Report:  No news to report.

Seminar:  Location is confirmed for the Animal Science building, trying to get the lecture hall confirmation.  AOA will let us post the seminar on their website.

Action items:

Newsletter – Leslie

AOA seminar posted – Leslie

Update on GMAF/WISAFF show – Chris

Seminar update – Kevin

Next meeting – Dec 13 10 AM

Meeting adjourned at 10:46 AM

Respectfully submitted by Christine Rogers, Secretary

Officers President – Leslie Herzog
Vice President –  Kevin Stoer
Treasurer – Jan Clingman
Secretary – Chris Rogers
At-Large – Vacant