2021 June GLAA Board Minutes

Present – Leslie Herzog, Chris Rogers, Kevin Stoer, Jan Clingman

Agenda Items

No new business. 

Kevin will be at the Wisconsin State Fair (Aug 5-15) as a vendor . Discussed safety procedures. There is a good volume of people. Possibly looking for people to cover the booth on certain days. 

March Education Event – Alpaca Health, Dr. Amanda Onan; March 5, 2022 at UW Madison. 

Needs to be broad topic so many health aspects can be discussed. Discussion ensued re Facebook posts and some of the more-than-basic questions, and providing education on the basics. Cost of seminar will be the same ($55 for members, $65 for neighboring affiliate members, $110 for non-members). Membership for 2022 will revert to $50.  Watch for registration details (hotels, meals, etc). 

Leslie had an inquiry about a list of mills that process alpaca fiber.  She will look for a list.

Next meeting, Tuesday, Aug 31, 10 AM 
Meeting adjourned at 10:46 AM

Respectfully submitted by Christine Rogers, Secretary