2022 October GLAA Board Minutes

Present- Leslie, Elden, Jan, Chris

Discussion items – 

Elden’s neonatal workshop is filled (Oct. 28).

Elden reported on the meeting with the show board. Brought Lynn Johnson to the meeting, has background as a writer and will work on website. Will coordinate Facebook posts with website. Excellent move! Jan suggested to have her mentor a show board member. Thank you Lynn!!!

Elden contacted events coordinator at Alliant Center re the show date getting on calendar, who said there will be someone assigned to us.

He is contacting the show farms re committing to show, needs list of GLAA farms/phone numbers. 

Creating excel sheet for each show job re duties and updating progress. 

Thank you Elden!!! 

Wisconsinalpacafiberfest.com – looking good! 

Treasurers Report – nothing to add

Action items –

Elden to recontact the Alliant Center
Jan get list of GLAA farms to Elden
Leslie work on newsletter, add events to AOA site
Line up judges for 2024 show 
Add GLAA logo and ad hoc committee to website, also vendors

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 AM

Next meeting November 28, 9AM

Respectfully submitted by Christine Rogers, Secretary