2022 GLAA June 6 Board Minutes

Present – Jan, Leslie, Kevin, Chris, Elden 

Newsletter for June topics: seminar, Elden joined board

WisAFF/GMAF 2023 show is scheduled for last weekend in April. Date is locked in. 2024 show, last weekend in April is penciled in. Elden contacted Margery for face-to-face meeting about 2023 show, but no response yet. Will continue trying. 

Seminar – Still looking for venue. New hotel venue in Pewaukee, cost is high, but probably in line with most. $500 room, $700 minimum for food. Hotel room $119. Evansville Community Center has not responded to Kevin’s email and phone call. Will check more central location. Elden will check with Evansville Community Center to respond. Have people save the date. Check for conflicting events. Speaker is Dr. Randy Larson, Veterinarian Current (Health?) Issues in the Alpaca Industry. Date is March 4, 2023. Need specific topic, bio and picture.

Treasurer – only upcoming expense is website renewals. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:22  AM

Next meeting July 11, 9:00 AM

Respectfully submitted by Christine Rogers, Secretary