2024 May GLAA Board Minutes

GLAA Minutes May 13 2024

Attending: Kevin, Jan, Elden, Chris, Margery

Election results:
Jan and Chris each had 5 votes. No one else received any votes. So they will be in for 2024-2027 term.

GMAF/WISAFF show went well. People liked the ring arrangement. Worked well for exhibitors.  Around 170 alpacas registered, 198 in halter classes, around 160 walking fleece.  Judges were well received. Discussion ensued regarding judges fees, and the importance of getting quality and experienced judges even if they charge more.  2025 dates are April 25-27, 2025.  Kevin and Jan said their Sunday vendor sales were better than Saturday, will check with Becky re her perceptions.  Building temperature was discussed, it is not air conditioned. Dairy cows ūüźĄ crews weren’t cleaning up their mess, Margery will check on it for next year. Also looking for a new publicity person because Lynn Johnson is stepping down soon.  

Elden didn’t hear anything about his query for job descriptions for the show but feels that we should have them.¬†

Jan wanted to discuss this from our website: 


Every year brings new challenges and focuses.  This year GLAA is engaged in the following activities on our members’ behalf:

Fiber Committee
— The Fiber Committee has created an educational PowerPoint presentation that can be used by members. ¬†Just contact a member of the Fiber Committee.

— The Fiber Committee is also looking for additional outlets for our members’ fiber.

Marketing Committee
The Marketing Committee is actively looking for additional ways of advertising members’ farms. ¬†Specific areas include: ¬†a co-branded video ad and advertising venues for GLAA to promote member farms.

Education Committee
The Education Committee will be focusing on helping members put together educational materials and seminars.

Website Committee
The website focuses on education, news, and resources for our members and new alpaca owners. ¬†All of our members are listed on the website as a part of their membership, and inquiries and leads generated by the website are sent to our members. ¬†GLAA members also have to opportunity to contribute photos and content for additional mentions on the website.”

We began with discussing Marketing Committee – Elden discussed a “joy of alpacas” marketing campaign done by Jerry Forstner and many farms many years ago to popularize alpacas (ads, videos, rural networks). Used ILUVALPACS.com, still owned by Jerry. Could we use WELUVALPACAS.com – if it’s available? We do need creative ways to market, and the more we can do for the industry the better.¬†¬†Could we write grants for marketing as a nonprofit. Check out what’s out there and bring ideas to the next meeting.¬†

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM 
Next meeting June 17, 2024, 6PM  
Respectfully submitted by Secretary Christine Rogers.