February 2021 GLAA Board Minutes

Present: Leslie, Kevin, Jan, Chris

Winter 2021 Seminar Teleconference – We declined a presentation for winter zoom seminar, due to several other similar seminars being offered. Still in discussion for offering something. Leslie stressed that any presenters we use should not have access to membership and newsletter list equal to our membership. Need to think about and discuss further at next meeting. What do we want to offer? 

 Winter 2022 Seminar – Shall we still pursue Paul Meagher? January 29, 2022, or move to February so weather moderates a bit. Show circuit starts in March. February 26, 2022 is a possibility. 

WISAFF – There will not be a show in 2021 due to Covid uncertainties with judges and facilities. They are working on 2022.

 Treasurer Report – Jan sent the treasurer report. Balance is over $18000. CD interest is doing well.

 Next meeting March 16, 10AM

Meeting adjourned at 10:35   Respectfully submitted by Christine Rogers, Secretary