GLAA March 2021 Board Minutes

Present: Leslie, Kevin, Jan, Chris  

Meeting Held via teleconference March 16, 2021 at 10 a.m.

Winter Seminar – Checked with Dr. Meagher, he needs a date before he can commit. Discussion ensued re March 5 (Feb 26 alternate) Kevin will ask his niece Deanna to check on the University room, and he will ask Dr. Meagher. 

WISAFF – still tentative for April 2022. This was posted to Facebook March 13: 

Wisconsin Alpaca & Fiber Fest
“As we did not reach all and there have been a few questions regarding the WI Alpaca & Fiber Festival, because we could not guarantee that the city of Madison, or the venue would allow us to hold the show, it is with regret that the WI Alpaca & Fiber Festival cancelled our ’21 show. We’re looking forward to our double show in ’22, at which time COVID will be beyond us and we’ll be able to partake and enjoy our Alpaca Show.”

Treasurer report – No change. Balance is over $18000. 

Next meeting April 13, noon.  Meeting adjourned at 10:22 AM