2020 May Board Minutes

Attendance: Chris Rogers, Leslie Herzog, Kevin Stoer, Jan Clingman

Election update: still reaching out for people to run for office. To clarify, people don’t run for positions, just a seat on the board. After the election we decide which position we would serve as.

Thank you Leslie for reaching out to people.

2021 seminar – should we plan on it? UW lecture hall has plenty of room for social distancing. Paul Meagher will be talking about current alpaca health issues, so we will hold the seminar. Hopefully UW Madison will let us hold it there.

Leslie reported on the affiliate call. Most of the affiliates talked about the shows they sponsor. Many are talking about combining shows, such as New York area. Also talked about ways of getting more competitions for smaller farmers to compete, such as the spinoff, where older animals compete very well. They also discussed memberships. Should we do email blasts to AOA members? Can we do more? Mopaca sent an email blast to all of us. Leslie will forward the minutes when she gets them.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Respectfully submitted by Christine Rogers, Secretary